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Rashed Al Nuaimi Local Singer KG Production & Events FZ LLC


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Rashed Al Nuaimi

Emirati Pop Jazz Singer

Rashed Al Nuaimi, a native Emirati, grew up imagining a future in music. He has kept this dream alive and now involves music in his life in any way possible to keep his passion alive.

His childhood consisted of him listing to voices like Whitney Houston, and listening to music from Broadway musicals. His current favorite artists are Adele and Sam Smith; Rashed constantly look up to them for inspiration and to improve his own technical abilities.

Rashed sings a range of music from modern day pop, to some classical opera. He is able to mix in jazz and Rnb to add his own style to the song to make it feel more original. As music is a passion of his, he tries to involve it as much as he can into his everyday life. Regardless of where music takes him in the future, as long as its there he is happy.

Aside from singing, Rashed also enjoys filmmaking in his spare time. He thought why not combine his passion for both and started uploading Youtube and Instagram music covers. He currently has over 20 thousand followers on Instagram.

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