Khalil Ghadri – Arabic Qanun Player Khalil Ghadri - Arabic Qanun Player

Khalil Ghadri – Arabic Qanun Player

You may not have seen him live, but you’ve definitely heard him on television, FM and even on your favourite Arab stars singer’s album. MBC TV is still using his music during Ramadan from the last 5 years.
Khalil Ghadri is a Syrian composer and musician from Ariha, who graduated from the University of Syrian Conservatory with a degree in music 2001, he then moved to UAE and has been working as a music composer and Qanun player ever since.

Khalil is one of the most accomplished arabic Qanun players in the Middle East – his style mixes traditional Arabic elements with western tinges to give birth to music that is completely new to the instrument.
He has been composing music and either plays as a solo artist or with his Khalil Ghadri Acoustic Fusion Band, as well as performing with large orchestras at festivals, public and private events in the Middle East and GCC and Asia.

Khalil Ghadri started his professional career in 1994 and has accompanied several Arab pop stars such as Fayeoz, Asala, Kazem Al Saher, Wadee AlSafi, Ragheb Alama, Saber Rebai, Hamam Khairy, Wael Jassar,,, etc.
His outstanding unique style of music has landed him being the soundtrack for many films and TV shows, especially with the Arab Syrian composer Taher Mameli. In 2007 Khalil decided to start performing as a soloist with his bands.

Khalil won several awards as a musical composer and Qanun player including the third place for the Arabic improvisation erected at the Arab Music festival and conference Cairo (7th session 1998).


Khalil’s most important presences in 2014:



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